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Thursday, June 08, 2006

Some corrections to Lackey's story

Hi everybody, Cute Nurse here. Hope you're well.

I thought it would be quite tricky to get access to this blog, but then I remembered that if you look at Lackey in a certain sideways angle, drop your eyelids a little and use your Marilyn voice, he goes all trembly at the knees and gives you anything you want. So now here I am with my own user i.d. and everything!

I just need to set the record straight about some of the things Lackey said a couple of blog entries ago. You know, the one where he was taken sex-prisoner by a beautiful woman and her evil executive partner and totured for weeks in a dungeon.

Mostly, I want to correct the bit at the end. I didn't say "Is there anything I can do to make you feel better? Anything… at all? I just asked him if he needed anything else. And that's not what I meant. Lackey can imply whatever he likes, but it is not the case that I am turned on by treating the wounds of a beaten up wreck of a man who I've had to tunnel through tons of dirt to save. Sure, I felt a little sorry for him, that's all.

And, I did not break a fingernail. I broke two fingernails! The rest of the story is all true, as far as I know.


Anonymous Headless Chicken said...

well well well...now the story is slightly less interesting, isn't it cute nurse? After all the beatings and prodings that Lackey went through, surely it seems okay to allow the poor man to embelish a little, eh? Aren't the greatest stories ever told over-indulgences of the truth to some degree or another.....and please, my good woman, what of those sad little readers who live and breathe vicariously through the tales (no matter how tall) of Lackey?

2:23 pm  
Blogger Lackey said...

Headless Chicken, who are you going to believe? Her or me? For God's sake, poultry, it's a clear case of divide and conquer wedge politics. First she casts doubt on small quibbles, then the quibbles grow into outright bones-to-pick, and over time, my loyal readers begin to doubt me, then Cute Nurse takes over first this blog, then Cosmodemonic, then the world.

Don't let this hen-pecking nit-picking deter you, this blog is a voraciously veracious truthful teller of the finest truthiness you'll find anywhere, regarding not only this fictitious company, but the base substance of life itself.

So just you relax, and believe everything.

12:35 pm  
Anonymous mr_orgue said...

I believe everything.


10:26 pm  

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