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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

And so it begins...

With a hangover, as you might expect, and possibly a cold. Hard to tell.

Nobody ever thought I was sensible, so when they finally give me work to do, I set up a blog. We'll see what you have to do to get fired in this place yet. Although you might just have to guess from a sudden cessation of verbage, since I wouldn't be here to post any more now would I? I'd probably have better things to do if I didn't feel the need to be at my desk, waiting for a reasonable hour to go home.

Time for a Costanza, I'd say, but where... under the desk is a bit tricky these days and the toilet cubicle never got comfy. Behind the filing cabinets on 11? On the roof maybe...

I'll get back to you. Soon. Honest.


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