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Friday, September 30, 2005

Unexplained absence

I know I've been away a while, and I'd like to let you know the reason. But I'm not so sure of it myself.

Something bad happened, I think: I took the lift on Monday morning, but forgot to press my floor. I was half asleep, I guess. Some bloke in a sorry excuse for a power suit got in, and pressed for 17. That's right. 17. Still oblivious, I followed him out of the lift, quickly realised what I'd done and woke up.

I was on 17. Right on the doorstep of Executive Heaven. Well, of course, I froze. Tried to stay cool, turned around and called the lift. The last thing I remember is standing there, waiting for that damn lift, hoping my heart wasn't as audible outside my body as it sounded thumping in my skull. Then I heard a movement behind me, started to turn, and... blackness.

That's all I've got. That, a renewed sense of the great and mystical evil that lurks in the heart of man, and some worryingly sore body parts. They say a cleaner found me naked and shaking in a stairwell somewhere in the basement levels late last night, but my first memory is with a blanket and a cup of coffee in reception, with Young Eddie, one of the doddery security guys, telling me an ambulance was on its way. I remember wondering what the hell was going on, but I had to put it to one side. I knew I couldn't be here when the ambulance came. Who knew what they would discover as they sought to cure me.

I got unsteadily to my feet, and staggered toward the door. Young Eddie tried to stop me, "Settle down, fella, ye've had a time of it a'right. Ye best wait on the docs to see to ye." But I was scared, and lashed out, tried to run. Young Eddie tried to catch me, but his false teeth were slipping out of his mouth, he had to catch them. I made it to the automatic doors, with Eddie just catching the blanket, and I burst unsteadily as Eddie to freedom, with a triumphant scream, leaving him standing there, clutching the blanket and shaking his head.

I ran, and walked and stumbled and crawled to safety a long long way from here, slept the night in a culvert out near Chinatown. I've been told more than once today that I'm not looking so great. Not feeling either. But I came back, nonetheless. This is the last place they'll look for me, ha ha, the last place. I hope to God I'm right.


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