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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Somewhat disturbing

Some guy was found dead in a cubicle in the male toilets today.

Moustache Man wondered what the smell was in there - everyone else assumed... well, the obvious. He called security, and Young Eddie came up and used a screwdriver to open the cubicle door. I assume he knocked first.

Anyhow, slumped there on the loo, looking not too pleasant at all, and smelling feral, was some guy who people remember vaguely from the southern corner of the floor. Sure enough, his PC was on, and people who sat near it couldn't recall seeing the guy who sat there for "Well, some amount of time I guess."

Investigations are underway to find the man's name so his next of kin can be notified. If anyone knows a non-descript gentleman between 30 and 55 who worked(/works) for 21C Cosmodemonic, please get in touch with the local authorities to help out. Meanwhile, I'll keep you posted.


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