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Thursday, November 03, 2005

Successful Hangover Cures II

I have found a new, expensive way to cure a hangover: all you have to do is spend $67.45 on hangover cure products. Any combination of analgesics, eyedrops, antacids, relaxants, stimulants, methamphetamines, nicotine, narcotics, greasy food and sports drinks will do.

When you've spent your moneyMurphy's Law will have a brief tussle with Stirling's Hangover Immutability Theorem, which states that no hangover may last less than a time calculated on your age and fun factor, with a small adjustment for amount actually drunk the night before.

Murphy's Law, on the other hand, states that if you spend a lot of money on something you need, the reason for that need will vanish once the cash is handed over. I now have empirical proof that $67.45 is the point at which Murphy's Law beats Stirling's Hangover Immutability Theorem. Next time you're feeling the effects, all you have to do is ask yourself just how much it's worth. And, if it's worth enough, you get the unexpected side effect of a refreshed bathroom cabinet!


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