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Thursday, February 09, 2006


It's when you actually see the bugs that things get bad.

When you just suspect they are there, you can put it down to alcohol induced paranoia, or some kind of flashback. But once you've seen them, you're on a whole different level. And now I've seen them, they're bloody everywhere. My desk is crawling with them, I even had to brush one off my shirt in the elevator. Freaked me right out. And it's really got me worried - after all when you're in a really bad way, physically and mentally wracked, these are the sorts of hallucinations that get at you. Day and night, looking in the shadows, seeing bugs everywhere. But it just seems so real, it can't be my mind, it just can't.

Either I've totally lost it, or Cosmodemonic's new Staff Security initiative is even more invasive than I ever expected. And for once, I'm backing my sanity.


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