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Friday, January 27, 2006

Stuff wot I found on the interwebs

So two things I found while I was working hard today.

Spot the difference between a Google.com image search for Tianamen Square and a Google China image search for Tiananmen Square.

And, a Kurdish proverb:

A man is crazy. He believes he is a flower and birds are trying to eat him. A doctor takes him to the hospital. After months of treatment he improves. "I am not a flower," he tells himself. As he is walking home from the hospital he looks up at the sky. "I know I am not a flower," he thinks. "But those birds still want to eat me. How do I convince them that I am not a flower?"

That is all. No stories, I'm too hungover. Oh, FYI, don't try to cure a hangover with a laxative. It doesn't "get it out of your system."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

i'd say that's more of a parable. ;o

4:05 pm  
Blogger Lackey said...

Parable my arse. This is a parable:

A young man in a wealthy household left one day, taking a lot of his father's money, which he then proceeded to drink and whore away. His younger brother meanwhile worked hard on the farm, and brought even more riches for his father. He thought one day the farm would be his, so didn't begrudge working hard for his father.

One day the older brother returned, penniless and filthy. He was welcomed warmly back to the fold, there was a party in his honour, he was washed and fed and put to bed. And while he slept that night his brother stabbed him and then he fed him to the pigs. And no one could blame him.

Now that's a parable. Moral of the story? Well I think the moral is: Never go home again. Just in case.

4:32 pm  

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