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Thursday, February 16, 2006

Hunting and Gathering

Once again wisely taking its lead from the most powerful institution in the world, 21st Century Cosmodemonic has decided that all team building exercises for the year should be hunting trips.

There's one way that management here is in fact leaps and bounds ahead of the leaders of the free world, and that is credibility. Cheney, apparently, didn't tell anyone what happened because he thought noone would believe him. Up on the executive floor, while they fool around in their jacuzzis, management brazenly create their own reality every day. I don't think they care whether we believe it or not, the thing is not to say anything out loud. Voicing skepticism is grounds for instant dismissal.

A couple of days ago a memo came out specifying a new corporate wardrobe. Of course, the models were naked. None said anything. A couple of days later all but one of the group that drew up the memo were summarily sacked on grounds of indecency. They'd all ordered the uniform and were wearing it. The one who wasn't sacked was seconded to the executive floor. Of course, she was a little younger than the others, and she got a hefty raise.

Sometimes it's hard to know just who is fucking with whom.


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