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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Every cloud has a sliver lining

Just went outside, nearly got hit on the head by a window, it smashed right in front of me. The shards splashed out in all directions, but none of them hit me so I couldn't take any time off. I went to the sick room just in case I had post traumatic stress disorder, but Nurse Battleaxe took one look at me and scowled.

"Go away Lackey, we're trying to work here, " she said.
"But a window nearly hit me on the head, and I think I'm traumatised in my mind."
"For once I think you might be right. We've got five people in here who actually have been hit by glass, and you're traumatised. We don't have time. Go away."
"But if you could just let me talk to Cute Nu..."

She slammed the door in my face! Geez, the nerve of that woman. It nearly hit me in the nose.

So I came back here, to my desk. There are a few windows missing, some the whole pane is gone, some still have ragged shards of glass around the edges. The company has taken the opportunity to shut off the air conditioning.


Blogger Davidb said...

I dream about windows.
Here working with the aliens we are kept in a tin roofed shed. When it rains, the noise is so intense that people have been known to drag their phones into the carpark to hear their callers. During a heat wave most people work naked and in the cold we all cluster together for warmth.
When its hot and raining or cold and raining it gets very weird.

1:37 pm  
Blogger Lackey said...

That's quite brilliant actually.

Luckily, it's pretty easy to DIY a window or two in a tin shed, I recommend you get started right away, next time it's not too hot or cold that is, you want easy access to your tool belt.

6:57 pm  

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