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Thursday, December 08, 2005

Evil priests are the worst kind of evil

I crawled into cosmodemonic today more hungover than a gallows trapdoor and feeling seedier than a non-seedless watermelon. It was a xmas party last night. In case you were wondering. The midgets with the cocaine trays were efficient and prompt, and the elephants did a pleasant acrobatic display, so the night wasn't a total loss. But a confusion of invitations made the outfit I chose a tad inappropriate.

Co-partier: Hey, I think I recognise you. Were you at an orgy themed party last week?
Lackey: I was at a couple. I'm the Lackey.
C: Nice to meet you clothed, Jackie. What's with the get-up?
L: I'm an evil priest.
C: I thought you worked at cosmodemonic?
L: I do, but I came as an evil priest.
C: You know the theme for this party is Pretty in Pink, don't you?
L: It is? I thought the theme was Evil.
C: Nope.
L: Bugger.
C: So why an evil priest?
L: Because evil priests are the worst kind of evil.
C: Hmm. That sounds right.
L: It is. I've done studies.
C: Pass the meth pipe?
L: Here you go.


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