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Thursday, December 01, 2005

Or not...

OK, don't worry, I'll survive. I think. One of those Lackey sort of days where nothing is quite as it seems and the world is upside down. It's the inside out bit that bothers me. Gotta lay off the special K.

Anyhow, nearly recovere from the last lot, just in time to find I have four more xmas parties starting in about five minutes, going through the weekend.

Re that last one, turned out the dog belonged to one of the sales guys on 13. Real friendly dog too, still a disconcerting way to come to. The debauchery I can handle, though, it's the activities that get me down, the lame ass give aways and team sports events to kick off the mayhem. I mean strip twister for God's sake!?! Why not just start how we mean to go on, with something raunchy instead of lulling everyone into it with a nice fireside game of strip twister? Those first couple of hours bore the pants on me.

Four parties to go. Let's get down to business.


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